OMEGA FORCE is a dedicated group of Christian  Athletes from many backgrounds whose “soul”    purpose is to preach the GOSPEL. We have team members from KY, TN, NC, IL, IA, MO, WV, MI, OH, IN and AK.





 We have traveled the United States and into Mexico and Canada, sharing the GOSPEL. The LORD has truly blessed us by allowing us to see lives changed through this ministry and has also changed our lives in the process. We have been fortunate to have witnessed hundreds of people come to the LORD thorough this ministry, this year alone.


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One Time Gift  $_________________



Personal or Family Partner

  Would you consider 33 cents a day to see and be a part of lost souls saved?


$10 a month        or      Annually of $120



Church or Business Partner

  As low as $11 weekly, you can be apart of making a difference.


$50 a month         or       $100 a month



No matter which plan you choose, Omega Force will


let you know monthly where we have been and


where we are going and how many lives have been







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