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Butch Adams
Thomas Adams
Rob Bell
Ed Bewely
Chuck Caldwell Adam Carter
Troy Carter
John Centers
Darrin Chandler
James Cook
Ricky Dickenson
Beth Elliot
Todd Elliot
Brian Gardner
Larry Green
JT Hall
Aaron King
Clay Kirby
Heath Logsdon
Jason Miller
Tevita Mokema
Lee Morgan
Kirk Nobles
Clint Poore
Randy Richey
Mark Sanders
Timmy Shirley
Lynn Southerland 
John Stephens
Wayne Stinson
Jerry Thomas
Wade Wedeking
Paul Wrenn









The Omega Force Strength Team is a group of Christian-oriented men and women who perform feats of strength. They use their attention-grabbing performances to demonstrate God’s mercy, help, strength and love. Their actions show how God’s influence in lives can make the seemingly impossible, possible. By encouraging each other throughout the performance, they show that working together and with God, amazing things can happen.

The Team is made up of Christian athletes from various church denominations and athletic backgrounds. These backgrounds vary from power lifters, bodybuilders, professional wrestlers, professional football players, Highland Game champions, and professional strongmen. Many of these men hold world records including:  Guinness and drug-free power lifting records, world record log squat of 903lbs, world’s strongest grip, world’s strongest man (three years in a row), and world record log press.


Using these varying athletic and Christian backgrounds as a platform, The Team motivates, inspires and encourages their audiences to realize that God is part of the everyday. He can help anyone through any struggles and hurdles placed before them.


These Christian strongmen, some weighing over 300 lbs, with 22” arms, 60” chests, and 23” necks, can smash walls of concrete with their fists, elbows, and foreheads. They bend steel bars in their teeth, lift huge logs (some weighing over 900lbs), burst hot water bottles, snap baseball bats like twigs, rip 1500 page phone books in half, tear license plates, crash through four 2x4’s with their chests, break stacks of concrete bricks in one effort, and many other feats of strength. The feats are accomplished with Biblical references as to how God can use daily activities to draw us closer to Him.