OMEGA FORCE is a dedicated group of Christian  Athletes from many backgrounds whose “soul”    purpose is to preach the GOSPEL. We have team members from KY, TN, NC, IL, IA, MO, WV, MI, OH, IN and AK.




About Us

    The Omega Force Strength Team is a group of Christians who perform feats of strength. Their actions show how God’s influence in lives can make the seemingly impossible, possible. Using varying athletic and Christian backgrounds as a platform, the Team motivates and inspires their audiences to realize that God is part of everyday.

     He can help anyone through struggles and hurdles placed before them. Omega Force Strength Team attract people who might not attend a “regular” church service or revival.
The programs are very unique and have proven to be extremely effective. Alters have been filled and lives changed for the Glory of God. People will stop what they are doing to watch these men doing things considered to be outright extraordinary. As people’s curiosity is piqued, the Team has an opportunity to share The Gospel. The talents God has given the Omega Force Strength Team are great bait with which to become fishers of men.

    The feats are accomplished with Biblical references as to how God can use daily activities to draw us closer to Him. 




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